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One could say that anyone needs coaching from time to time because:

  • in general we have so much more potential than what we make use of. Coaching helps to learn to use those qualities
  • people, (like cars :-) ), need to be “serviced” from time to time. We need to be reminded of and retrained in things we   already learned but somehow forgot.
  • there is a lot to learn in how we can deal with processes of change both within ourselves and in others.
An immediate cause for coaching could be:
  • you feel that there is more potential in yourself or in your team than is made use of
  • a difficult colleague/boss/employee costs you way too much energy
  • you want a better work-life balans
  • you take your work home with you ( in your mind), and find it hard to relax
  • you want to discuss/evaluate your style of leadership
  • your work is great....but is it all there is??
  • you are faced with the same patterns in your relationships ( at home or at work) over and over again. Are there other ways??

The first step in the process of coaching will be an exploratory interview. During this interview you will receive feedback as well as suggestions for further “work”.  Based on this interview you can decide if you want to continue. If so, we will make further appointments.

If you are interested or if you have any questions mail to Momentum.




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