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The training programs are tailor made. The clear, careful and confronting approach is caracteristic for Berenda’s work. It is not about theory ( although some theoretical concepts will be offered if relevant), it is about experience.

Some examples of trainings:

Advanced leadership training: a program for experienced managers who already learned the tools, know what’s in the books, but long for a personal approach that can help to: make their communication more effective to own their qualities and personal power more fully. Duration: at least 4 days

Empowerment intensive An intensive training of 5 times 2 days. For people that really want to invest in themselves and/or in their (high potential) employees. A deep search into one’s own patterns of behavior and the effects it has on others. By experiencing the roots of these patterns one creates the possibility to uncover unexpected qualities within oneself. Experiencing and learning to work with group dynamics is an important aspect of this training.

Empowerment A shorter version of the intensive. Can be used as an introduction or as a basic training to learn about oneself in relation to others. ( this training is also available in a shorter version)

Life and Career Management: Do you live to work or work to live. A training about your balance in life-work issues. How to set boundaries and how to go for what you really want.

Team building Learning to work together by making optimal use of each persons qualities. A way to work with your team in a way that will teach you a lot about yourself and the effect of your behaviour and actions on others.

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