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In the person of Peter Goldman.

what i learned from Peter:
everything you need , whether it is information, inspiration, energy, even love is available somewhere in some form ( maybe in disguise) on some level ( maybe another level than you look for).  maybe it does not come at the moment you want it nor in the form you expect it. do i believe it?  yes i do, but it  has often been very very difficult to rise beyond my own truth of the moment ( years?) so that i was able to recognize and allow it. 

Signals can manifest themselfs  in different ways and at different levels : through the body ( physical) , through emotions, ( emotional)  through intellect, ( mental)  through inexplicable (psychic) experiences, through experiences of forces that are far greater than you ( spiritual) .  

It is therefore important to be aware of  all these levels in oneself .  No matter on what level it  "hits" you , it will work through all levels of your being.

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