In the person of  Benjamin Peng Lo

"No burn, no earn" no pain, no gain "are  expressions  often used during the training.  associations with our dutch calvinist roots are hard to miss.  and yes maybe we have sometimes too much of that , so we forget that pleasure is for free and miracles can happen. however it also shows that without  a sense of purpose , dedication and discipline it is hard to be succesful in the long run. all those ingredients provide a deep sense of satisfaction when the effect of all the blood sweat and tears is a deep sense of inner  peace .

Development does not happen by itself ( usually) , it can hurt, certainly, but persevere in the right direction (a very important detail ) will take you further. This applies not only to physical progress (such as in sports, where we consider this training process as "normal" ) but also to emotional and psychological processes.

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"Als je met beide benen op de grond staat kom je geen stap verder" (loesje)

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