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Every person and every organization has a natural urge to develop. But development does not happen by itself. Necessary ingredients are:  courage, perseverance and willingness to counter opposing forces (within and outside of oneself) . if one dares to look into those opposing forces (rather then fight them)  one  will learn a lot about oneself. if you look closely you can recognize the signposts that will guide your next steps in your development. 

Desires, dreams, frustrations  can inspire you to go on your journey.  They can  serve as indicators in a process that is difficult to predict and control. A supportive (and critical) environment is important to have the courage to continue the journey , specially in hard times. we  need each other, and the "help" sometimes comes from unexpected directions and not seldom in disguise. 


Berenda Dekkers
Sociaal Psycholoog/Trainer

Mansholt-Nes 10
1862 AD Bergen
The Netherlands

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"Als je met beide benen op de grond staat kom je geen stap verder" (loesje)

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