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Berenda Dekkers (born in 1951) has an unusual career.

Berenda is a social psychologist / trainer and has already deepened during her studies in other thinking and lifestyles.

Berenda spent some time in a Buddhist monastery in Thailand (1973) and she lived for several months with an aboriginal tribe in Australia (1996).

In brief:
Berenda has in her life always responded to impulses from within. This has yielded rich and special experiences but also situations that were a big appeal to her physical and mental toughness.

Combined with intensive education and training in her field makes her an exceptional trainer / coach.

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Berenda Dekkers

Berenda Dekkers
Sociaal Psycholoog/Trainer

Mansholt-Nes 10
1862 AD Bergen
The Netherlands

Phone : +31 725815897
Mobile : +31 629096976

Email: info@momentumnl.com

"Als je met beide benen op de grond staat kom je geen stap verder" (loesje)

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